59% of people say their core needs aren’t being met at work.

When 100% of the work matters, that won’t cut it. Happy Strategy offers tools to help you re-focus on meeting your team’s needs, so they can re-focus on propelling your business forward.

Source: What Is Your Quality of Life @ Work? HBR.org & The Energy Project
(n=19,900+), Nov 2013 – June 2014.

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Happy Strategy is a creative culture agency that believes the foundation for great work lies in great work culture.

When organizations invest in their cultures, they can create and sustain more innovative and effective teams. Through a highly tailored approach, we help assess core issues, implement better processes and boost employee happiness. We’re passionate about the power and potential that comes when people enjoy their jobs, and what can we say? We love ours.

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Engaging the next generation of leaders is key to creating a more human workplace. We offer an array of resources for individuals—including a monthly burst of happiness in the form of our email newsletter—so you can get empowered and stay inspired.
Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Navigating growth as a small business owner is not easy. We help these businesses develop human-centered processes that align with their core needs and values, so they can onboard employees efficiently and scale more easily.


We bring design thinking to design and marketing teams, so they can be more creative, more effective and more fulfilled at work. With our help, organizations can adapt to the needs of their employees while exceeding those of a demanding market.
Our Process
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1) Assess

Our very first step is always to assess how your team is currently working.

How does your team communicate? What’s your typical process? Does your team have a typical process? We conduct an in-depth workplace assessment through surveys, one-on-one interviews and ethnographic research, so we can understand exactly what’s working well and what’s not.

2) Deliver

Once we have a clear idea of what your team dynamics look like, we deliver a personalized benchmark and a set of customized solutions to address issues and boost productivity. Since every work culture is unique, so too are the solutions we select and deliver.

Interactive Team Workshop

In our one-day workshops, we energize employees and open the dialogue to help move the team from frustration to innovation. We address core issues, co-create plans of action and plant the seeds for accountability and change.

Workflow & Process Mapping

When your project workflow looks more like a mess than a map, we’ll help you streamline. We focus on strengthening internal communication and organizational alignment, so everyone has what they need to be strategic, creative and effective.

Team Development & Growth Plans

We can help you plan for the future—or the present—with strategic plans for team development or individual team member growth.

Strategic Playbook

What happens if a situation arises again? Or if a new issue emerges? We’ll work with you to create a strategic playbook tailored to your company, so you always have a helpful guide on hand. An ideal tool for small businesses and onboarding in larger organizations, each playbook includes self-guided prototyping resources and a custom glossary with your language, culture and workflows.

Creative Services

One of the biggest challenges creative & marketing teams face is bandwidth. When there’s too much on your team’s plate, our team can help. We design engaging visuals and marketing strategies that emotionally resonate with internal stakeholders and your organization’s clients and customers.


Status: It’s Complicated

With inconsistent direction and a convoluted review process, the design team at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA was feeling frustrated. The lack of strategic alignment showed in the work—branding was inconsistent, strategy was reactive and the team was burnt out.

Untangling the Issues

Using a methodology rooted in design thinking, we developed a multi-step plan to improve the team’s processes. First, we began by conducting one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders, including project managers, designers and the marketing team.

Next, we facilitated a three-hour interactive workshop with the team to map the current process and identify areas of conflict and frustration. Over a five-week period of time, Happy Strategy began testing low-risk, creative solutions to streamline processes and eliminate frustration.

Success Made Seamless

The impact was big.

We reduced the average project lifecycle from 21.3 days to 11.2 days—a change of 47%. By clarifying the process for everyone, we were able to reallocate 780 minutes a year back to project managers, so they could put more energy toward the real work: bringing American history to life.

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